Build powerful reports based on Shopware data and gain valuable insights

Shopware-Engage connects Shopware and Google Sheets. Google Sheets can be used as a free database (suitable for small businesses) for various use cases. Here some examples:

  • Analyse your data and gain valuable insights about your business with the free analytics and reporting tool Looker Studio
  • Analyse, filter or build automations based on your Shopware data with Google Sheets and Apps Script
  • Blend data from Shopware and other systems like the popular CRM tool HubSpot
  • Create custom apps in no time with Google AppSheet, a no-code mobile and web app builder

Full of ideas to improve your business? Start now with Shopware-Engage and get the following features:

  • Secure real-time data synchronisation between Shopware and Google Sheets for Customer, Product and Order data
  • Up to 25’000 rows synchronized for each entity

Release v1.0.0 of Shopware-Engage is planned for 2023 Q1 which supports Shopware entities Customer, Product, Order and Order Line Items.


Alpha release is ready

The alpha release of Shopware-Engage is ready and currently being tested and improved. Following features:

Login with your free Google account: Login

Administration of your data feeds: Admin UI

Synchronized Product and Order data: Product Data

Insights created with Looker Studio based on Shopware data: Looker Studio Insights

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